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What Technical Information Should Provide for PCB Prototype Manufacturing

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You have been awesome to work with! The products you have provided have been awesome as well! We will for sure doing some ordering in the near future

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Linked have shown strong competitive pricing, quality product and on time delivery in the time we have been working together

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I tell my boss everyday how wonderful you are and how quick to responding you are (when you are awake J). We will continue to go through you guys and have no negative feelings towards you or your company. Thanks for always looking out for us and getting our products here as fast and as cheap as possible.

—— Nate

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Company News
What Technical Information Should Provide for PCB Prototype Manufacturing
What Technical Information Should Provide for PCB Prototype Manufacturing


For PCB prototype manufacturing, what information should you provide to Linked Electronics, the PCB supplier in China, so that the correct PCB boards will be produced?


1. PCB Material: For rigid PCB boards, most common material is FR4, besides that let Linked knows if it is TG130 or TG170


2.Lay Count: the PCB layer, which we can find in the gerber files.


3. Soldermask Color: There are quite a lot of option for the sample PCB manufacturing, the most common used are green, white, black, red and blue. At Linked Electronics, the PCB assembly and PCB manufacturer in China, there are also purple and yellow in stock. Besides, at Linked, we provide photo-imageable and matte color soldermask


4.Copper Weight: Copper weight or copper thickness will be defined by the current on the PCBs. Most PCB boards are 1oz, but if the current is high, you might need 2oz, 3oz or more. The more thickness, the better performance of the PCB boards is. At the time time, high copper weight requires more cost.


5.Surface Treatment: The PCB surface finishes are the coating between a component and a bare board PCB. It is applied for two basic reasons: to ensure solderability, and to protect exposed copper circuitry. At Linked Electronics, the PCB one stop service provider in China, we have many choices for the surface finishes for the PCB boards, for example, HASL Lead, HASL lead free, ENIG, OSP, immersion tin, immersion gold, and immersion silver and hard gold. And HASL lead free is the most surface treatment that most customer ask for.


6. Soldermask on the vias: 3 options for this, vias open, vias plug and vias tented. If you provide gerber files, we will just follow the way the gerber shows.


7.Quantity: For the 2 layer PCB quantity which is less than 10 pcs, 12 hours quick turn will be offered, that is too say, you will get the PCB on the same working day.


Linked Electronics is a PCB prototype manufacture in China which provides one stop PCB services such PCB fabrication, PCB SMT, components sourcing and stencil services.





What Technical Information Should Provide for PCB Prototype Manufacturing

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