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Linked Electronics Co., Limited Quality Assurance

PCB Certifications
Good quality PCB Assembly Services
Good quality PCB Assembly Services
Customer Reviews
You have been awesome to work with! The products you have provided have been awesome as well! We will for sure doing some ordering in the near future

—— Amy

Linked have shown strong competitive pricing, quality product and on time delivery in the time we have been working together

—— Karissa

I tell my boss everyday how wonderful you are and how quick to responding you are (when you are awake J). We will continue to go through you guys and have no negative feelings towards you or your company. Thanks for always looking out for us and getting our products here as fast and as cheap as possible.

—— Nate

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PCB Quality Assurance

Quality Gurantee


100%Electrical Test

IPC-6012A Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards
IPC-A-600G Acceptability of Printed Boards
CUL Certificated Standard for Printed Boards
Rohs Compliance
UL796 Standard for Safety Printed Wiring Board
ISO TS16949:2009
SGS audited supplier certificate
Our Inspection Procedure

Complete accuracy analysis of customer design (Computer Aided Design)


Troubleshooting checklist and send engineering questions to clients if any.

No revise of any customer's gerber unless permitted by customers in the engineering questions for the PCB boards.


Check plot ( prior approval by customer, if production gerber confirmation is requested)


Inspection of “First Article Panel” after drilling procedure to ensure IPC-A-600 and customer specifications.


Complete Inspection of ALL PCB boards after PTH procedure to ensure there are no void holes, or any debris.


Complete Inspection of ALL PCB boards after film developing to confirm there are no scratches or any under developing.


Complete Inspection of ALL PCB boards after film stripping to confirm there are no film chips remaining on panels.


After Etching, visual check by our staff to confirm no traces errors are made.


Do Cross-Section analysis to confirm the copper thickneess, quality and proper distribution of copper plating inside the vias.


AOI is preformed after Tin stripping process, to confirm that there are no shorts or circuitry openings. This procedure will grarantee the integrity of the traces and find any potential errors at the start of the production. 


Complete Inspection of ALL PCB boards after LPI (Liquid Photo Imaging) to ensure that there is no solder mask remaining on the pads, scatches and no misalignment of the soldermask. And tape test will be performed for the soldermask. 


Complete Inspection of ALL PCB boards after surface treatment procudure is completed (HASL, Hard Gold, ENIG, or Silver Immersion) to confirm no mask covering the pads.


Complete Inspection of ALL pcb boards after IDENT process to ensure the cleanliness of every pads before final baking process.


Complete Inspection after outline process to ensure customer specifications are fully met and no v-cut or slots is missing. 


Electrical Testing(flying probe or fixture) is preformed to ensure the integrity of circuit (no shorts or open circuits). QC & A (Quality Control & Assurance).


Complete inspection of all finished boards to ensure that all customers’ specifications are met at Linked Electronics and all IPC-A-600 Standards are met such as board dimensions, hole and slot sizes, finished board thickness, traces width/space, board twist and warp, copper thickness and hole size. 


Above steps are fully carried out at Linked Eletronics Co., Limited to ensure the best quality PCB boards are produced at our facility. 



Linked Electronics Co., Limited
Linked Electronics Co., Limited
PCB Certifications
  • Linked Electronics Co., Limited



    Issue Date:2018-03-28

    Expiry Date:2021-03-27

    Issued By:IATF

  • Linked Electronics Co., Limited


    Issue Date:2015-08-24

  • Linked Electronics Co., Limited



    Issue Date:2019-05-08

    Expiry Date:2022-05-07

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