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PCB FR4 Material Standard

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Good quality PCB Assembly Services
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PCB FR4 Material Standard
PCB FR4 Material Standard

PCB, printed circuit board,  is the most important parts for all electronic products, and FR4 is the core of electronic PCB boards. The quality of the FR4 will affect the performance of the electronic PCB board. Linked Electronics, the PCB board manufacture in China, always use the best FR4 material in the market as the raw material, such as shengyi, KB and ITEQ.




FR4 material for PCB standard as follows.


1.China standard: GB/T4721—47221992及GB4723—4725—1992. In Taiwan, China, that is CNS standard.


2.International FR4 standard for PCB manufacturing: JIS( Japan), ASTM, NEMA, MIL, IPc, ANSI, UL( U.S.A), Bs( UK), DIN,VDE( Germany), NFC, UTE( France), CSA( Canada), AS( Australia) and IEC international standard



FR4 substrate technical specification for PCB manufacturing


1. FR4 material manufacture in PCB industry, what we most seen in China is shengyi, goldenmax and KB. At Linked, we use shengyi, KB and ITEQ, which is the best raw materials. We know how important quality is, thus we always use the best material for PCB production.


2.For quality standard from worst to best: 94HB-94VO-CEM-1-CEM-3-FR-4. So far, Linked Electronic do only use FR4 for rigid PCB manufacture. Besides FR4, we can also produce aluminum PCB, Rogers PCB, flex PCB board, and rigid flex PCB board.




Details information


94HB: None flameproof type (cheapest material, cannot be used for power board)

94V0: Flameproof material

22F: Semi-fiber glass (holes must be punched)

CEM1: Single sided fiber glass (numerical drill)

CEM3: Semi-fiber glass( used on most double sided PCB)

FR4: This is the most common material that we use in PCB industry.



1.flammability rating classification: 94V0-, V-1, V-3, -94HB.


2.Prepreg, that is PP used for multilayer PCB lamination: 1080=0.0712mm,2116=0.1143mm,7628=0.1778mm;


3.The halogen-free material is a material that does not contain a group of halogen elements (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astat).

These fire elements release substances that are toxic to humans in the form of toxic fumes but also cause corrosion of metals.


4.TG, FR4 TG130 or FR4 high TG. Tg means Glass Transition Temperature. The higher the TG volume is, the better performance it is.


5.The PCB must be flame retardant, that is to say, at certain temperate, the PCB will not burn but only get soft, that is the TG rate.



To ensure the quality of PCB, Linked Electronics, the PCB manufacture in China, use the best raw material of the FR4 and other raw materials. Our qualified raw material will make sure the stability, durability and safety of the electronics PCB board produced by Linked Electronics. Through the whole PCB production process, we have close look on all steps, that’s why our complaints rate is much lower than our competitors.


Contact Linked Electronics today, let’s discuss about your aluminum PCB, FR4 multilayer PCB, quick turn PCB, Rogers PCB and rigid flex PCB request today.



















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