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Influence of IoT on Printed Circuit Board/PCB Board

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Good quality PCB Assembly Services
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Company News
Influence of IoT on Printed Circuit Board/PCB Board
Influence of IoT on Printed Circuit Board/PCB Board

IoT, that is internet of things, is one of the most important part of information industry. By definition, IoT is the network of physical objects that feature an IP address for internet connectivity, and the communication  between these objects and other Internet-enabled devices and systems. IoT is now developing at a very fast pace. which is now considered as the fourth industrial revolution by electronics engineers.


People may only be aware of the visible consumer electronics, but IoT devices dominate more in the manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare industries. It changes the way that we lead our life such as self driving cars, smart wearable devices, smartphone with its apps that used to control home appliances and utilities, IoT for industrial control products and so on.


IoT designs will require much more advanced design technologies. These will include high density interconnect (HDI) design methodologies, embedded components, and compact components such as multi-chip modules (MCM) and three-dimensional ICs (3D-IC). Another trending is that FPC will be used more in IoT industries. Linked Electronics is now adjusting to the changes and enhancing our production capabilities to meet the demanding requirement.


Flex Printed Boards for IoT


Engineers can reduce their design limitations by using FPC from Linked Electronics. One of the greatest advantages of flex printed circuit boards is that it will allow designers to use flexible forms and shapes. Major characteristics of flex printed boards from Linked Electronics are:


Weight is becoming lighter: Flex circuits from Linked Electronics could save as much as 98% of the weight of traditional FR4 rigid board. With lighter internal parts, designers can finish the design of IoT devices which is much more small and delicated, such as more precise industrial instrumentations, more delicate medical instruments and smaller smart wearable devices.


Size is smaller: The tranditional FR4 rigid PCB not only requires much more space within the device, but also requires limits the design freedom. But change it to a FPC from Linked Electronics will make a great difference which will allow the designer to reduce the size by more than 90% but still maintaining its functionality.


Durability is greatly improved: Linked Electronics produces flex PCBs with materials that are much more durable which can withstand stress from vibrations. This is a critical requirement which the demanding industrial IoT devices requires.



HDI PCBs for IoT


In the earlier days, the shape and size of the computer was totally dependent on the structure of its inner components—but now, this changes. Thanks to the latest technologies used by leading PCB manufacturers in China such as Linked Electronics, optimal IoT products could be generated without its form restricting their design or functioning.


Linked Electronics, in fact, is leading the way in fabricating HDI PCBs with sophisticated manufacturing processes.


1.HDI PCBs made by Linked Electronics is much lighter and size is much smaller.


2. HDI PCBs are much more precise than traditional PCBs, it will allow more parts to be mounted in a smaller PCBs,

because HDI PCBs are populated on both sides.


3. Decreased power usage thus it will extend the battery life. 


4. Faster signal transmission compared with traditional PCBs.


Linked Electronics makes HDI PCBs that is suitable for the extreme environments, with high tensile strength of copper, which is capable of withstanding constant working eviroment stress. Just email Linked Electronics your request and leave the rest job to us. 



Why Choose Linked Electronics for IoT PCBs


You can count on Linked Electronics to provide all high precision PCBs from rigid FR4 PCB, HDI PCB, flex PCBs and so on.

We will always be your best PCB suppliers. Customer trust us on good customer service, on time delivery, excellent quality and competitive price.


PCBs from Linked Electronics will surpass your expectations and make you stand out from your competitors.


Contact us today and let's have a discussion about your IoT PCB requirement.




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