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General Tolerance for Electronic PCB Board Manufacturing

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Company News
General Tolerance for Electronic PCB Board Manufacturing
General Tolerance for Electronic PCB Board Manufacturing



PCB is customized products, that is to say, all electronic PCB board is manufactured according to customer’s gerber files or other PCB files.So engineers will have some questions about the tolerance for PCB manufacturing so that they will have a bettter idea how to design PCB board. 

In this artical, Linked Electronics will make an introduction about the tolerance of the printed circuit board that specified by IPC standard.



1.Finished Board thickness



Finished Board Thickness 0.2mm~1.2mm Tolerance +/-0.1mm,
Finished Board Thickness above 1.0mm Tolerance +/-10%



2.Hole Tolerance



Hole size below 1.6mm, PTH Tolerance +/-0.076mm, PTH Tolerance +/-0.05mm PTH Slots +/-0.1mm


Hole size bigger than 1.6mm, PTH Tolerance +/-0.1mm, PTH Tolerance +/-0.05mm PTH Slots +/-0.15mm



3.Traces Width Tolerance


Standard Electronic PCB Board +/-20%

Impedance Control PCB Board +/-10%

High Frequency PCB Board +/-10%



4.Outline Tolerance


Generally for the outline tolerance, Linked Electronics will follow customer’s requirement. If no special requirement on this, according to IPC standard, that is

CNC routing tolerance +/-0.15mm

Punching +/-0.15mm



5.Electronic FR4 PCB Board Warp and Twist Tolerance


For double sided PCB or single sided PCB

0.2~1.2mm ≤1%

Above 1.2mm ≤ 0.75%


For multilayer electronic PCB Board.


0.2~1.2mm ≤1%

Above 1.2mm ≤ 0.75%



6.V-cut Tolerance


When v-cut, Linked Electronics will carve notches into your PCB to leave a thin defined residual ridge. The remaining bridge thickness is 1/3 of the finished board thickness with tolerance of +/-0.1mm.


7.Registration Tolerance.


PTH/NPTH on PCB board Registration: +/+ 0.1mm

Soldermask Registration on PCB board+/-0.075mm

Silkprint Registration on PCB board +/-0.15mm



For more electronic PCB technique details, contact our team. Linked Electronics will be your best one stop PCB solution provider.








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